The Seasons change, and, still, I sing.

4 July 1980
I'm Shannon, 30, currently living on Long Island. I've not been here very long. I officially moved here on the first of September. Before that, I lived in Texas, where I got my master's degree in clinical social work, with an emphasis on mental health. I'm working hard to get licensed by the state of New York to be a therapist.

I love music of most kinds. Some things, like rap and heavy metal, are beyond me though. I think folk is my favorite genre, as it has such powerful and moving stories to tell. I prefer the indeppendent to the mainstream, so, odds are good that most people aren't familiar with most of the music I listen to.

I'm the hostess of a women's music show on mojo radio. I feature a lot of independent artists, but have been known to play some mainstream things every now and then. I love exposing people to new music, especially music created by women.

I'm a Feminist Dianic Witch. Right now, I guess I'd call myself a solitary. When I left Texas, I left my coven behind, which was sad, but then, there was much that was sad about that experience. Now, on the island that is long, I'm searching for Pagan community.

I was in a long-term relationship for nine and a half years. Sadly, in mid August, that relationship ended, which is what brought me to New York. I'm a lesbian, and that, plus the witch thing, didn't make Texas the best home for me. So, when my relationship ended, I decided to relocate.

Books are a huge passion of mine. There's hardly a time when I'm not reading something. Self-help, Christian fiction, and silly, plotless romances are the only things I avoid completely. I'm pretty much open to anything else, as long as the plot appeals to me.

I'm totally blind, and am currently working my second guide dog. She's a lab/golden retriever cross named Caroline, and she'll turn seven in December. She also helps with panic attacks, as I'm extremely agoraphobic, among other things.

You're likely to read quite a bit about of very personal things in this journal. Some of it will deal with disability, both physical and mental. Some will deal with Pagan spirituality, and some with being a young, feminist lesbian, embarking on a new chapter in her life. You're welcome to friend me, if you think we have things in common. Just respect my beliefs and my choices. I'll be happy to do the same for you.
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